Friday, November 05, 2004


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HOW COULD YOU ALL BE SO DUMB? QUITE!! (Well, about half of you, anyway - the number still to be contested!) Posted by Hello


Here are a lot of new - and fascinating - news links that are relevant to the current topic of this site!! NB: Please note, I don't ENDORSE them all! Many thanks to Dan Staniforth of Ohio, who I met in cyberspace through

(You know, people, the site that had the herein featured picture on its cover, that p'd off so many Republican Americans! FUN!) And anyone who likes, can get a downloadable and printable large version of it here:

Thanks for responding Dan!

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Thursday, November 04, 2004


Don't believe everything that you see on the TV!! Especially not the TV News!

Why did Kerry have to concede the election so soon?? I think that Democrats should know that in many ways, he didn't really want to win the election, not that much - not if it would mean upsetting the apple cart, not if it would mean upsetting his own class, the ruling elite - which a refusal to concede and a contentious, tortuous recount would have. But correct me if I'm wrong (for I'm no American nor constitutional expert); still, I think it would be ludicrous NOT to assume that all those votes still legally MUST be counted; and then we shall see what we will see! (I wonder what Kerry will do if it is proved that he really DID win...) I think he will be not delighted, but actually chagrined. For reasons WHY - ie WHY the Democratic elite no longer REALLY want to win elections, have a good browse round They're a bunch of Trotskyists, but they're often right. Type "Democratic Party" into their search engine. And see the things you don't really want to hear about your own party, Democrats; and why liberalism sadly really does seem to have died; among the people who "count".

As to whether all votes in US elections always have been counted, check out, and see what he has to say. He says that historically, about 3% of the votes have always been lost to something called "spoilage"; and as far as I can see this is as much to do with careless and fraudulent counting as it is with careless voting. This is made even easier with machines. So, for decades now, no American election has really counted all the votes.

If you're worried about the idea of electronic/computerised election machines, and I certainly am, especially as they seem to want to introduce them worldwide, check out

(There's a, too.) That'll give you the "skinny" on that topic; and there's even a free ebook on the .org site, which otherwise you'll have to pay money to get at! It's by Bev Harris and it's called: Black Box Voting: Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century. Very informative.

Then go to Doesn't it seem weird to you? The way in which Bush got 8 million votes more than last time? Where did he get them from?? The media pundits said it was because the "moral", conservative Christian southern vote turned out in force this time. It probably did; but so did all other groups not so inclined.

Now, Bush got 15 million of the above gullible people (after all, anyone with an income under a million a year would have to be gullible to vote for Bush!) to vote for him in 2000. That's 15 million Christian right-wingers. There are approximately 19 million of them in the country. So say he got the whole 4 million more. All of them. Where did the other 4 million come from? Gays? Non-brainwashed women? Aliens?


Political and social thoughts and other stuff

Political and social thoughts and other stuff

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


US Election 2004 - A Shark's Tale of possibly Fishy Results

BUSH is a jerk. I sincerely hope he has NOT won this time around. If he does, it will be FISHY! See below. It still looks really close; and this time they have promised (ha) that "all votes will be counted" and this means that the election will hang on the balance of "provisional votes" which I have heard will not even be counted for another ten days.... Somehow it reminded me of a Third World election.

I find it really suspicious that the Republicans should have won Florida, and for it not to be declared as "too close to count" once more... As Ohio has been. Didn't people SEE all those thousands and thousands of voters queuing... Most of them looked black or Hispanic to me!! But then, in some counties, the've replaced the broken-down old punchcard machines with electronic voting terminals, which don't seem to me like much of an improvement; in fact, they're worse - because unlike the "hanging chads" - how can they even be checked afterwards in cases of controversy?

America has a really primitive and chaotic voting system, I should say: and ought to change to the far more civilized British system, where at least we have enough polling stations, people aren't constantly being "challenged" when they want to appear on the electoral roll - or the candidate's roster for that matter - and we have a simple paper balloting system where so far as I can see every vote really does count.

I am also rather suspicious of the "Sky polls" on who should win the US election - both from the predictive standpoint and the point of view of who would be best for Britain! I can HARDLY think that the answer to the latter would be Bush! I wonder just who is voting on these on-line polls; a lot of Republican Americans, by the looks of it...

Depressingly, there was and is nothing particularly great about Kerry. He's not going to end the war in Iraq; or be able to bring it to a smooth conclusion. He doesn't represent the working class (ie the majority) of America. But it would be good were he still to get in; if only because it would deliver Dubya the kick in the balls he so richly deserves, for being such a neocon jerk in the first place, and for stealing the 2000 election.

Having seen TV footage of such a huge turnout, I would still be very suspicious of a Bush win... I would think that again, the election had been rigged, by means of miscounting or "losing" ballot boxes or something similar. I think the black vote turned out at the last minute and has still to be counted. I hope that all the votes WILL be counted... Maybe the authorities will try to throw out the ones that were placed after the polling stations officially closed; though they were still allowed to vote - probably to avoid riots!! Very South American in flavour, is the whole debacle...

The countries of the world all need leaders who will represent the struggling working majority against the bloated multinationals. In America, neither Bush, Kerry nor Nader meet that need. Sadly.

As for conservatives, US and otherwise, who think that Bush will be good for fighting terrorism - I ASK you! How stupid ARE you people?? Wasn't Bush in power during 9/11? Hadn't his administration been disregarding the warnings for months?

To use one of those "Downhome" metaphors that these country and western-style US politicians seem so fond of employing - would you put your faith in a guard dog who was sleeping when the henhouse was raided?? Some guard dog, eh? More like a careless shark in this fishy tale.

Liz Kaspar, Cornwall. UK. (10.45 AM GMT)

PS. I think those provisional votes are gonna count this time and might change the whole story! With a little bit of luck! Well - all those youngsters and minority voters DESERVE some reward for their effort - even if only a symbolic one - which is what a Kerry victory would be.

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